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Countdown for our September event (Hurry! Only 11 seats left before we sell out!)

Silent Auction Update: Thank you to everyone who participated! We are thrilled to announce that we raised $11,510, enabling Clay and Amber to distribute over 750 books to children in hospitals this winter.

The Long Forest Trail: How It Came To Be

Today (November 7th, 2023) is the OFFICIAL launch day for my son Clay’s book The Long Forest Trail!!!

If you’re new to this journey, here’s a rundown of the book:

The Long Forest Trail is a captivating early reader’s children’s book, imagined by 7-year-old author, Clay Vilhauer.

Join Clay and his mom on an enchanting journey through nature as they explore a vibrant trail of discovery. Hand in hand, they embark on a colorful adventure, where Clay learns about happiness and resilience while facing challenges from the elements. Through heartfelt conversations, Clay realizes the power of love, trust, kindness, and staying strong through life’s obstacles.

The Long Forest Trail is a heartwarming tale celebrating family bonds, resilience, gratitude for nature’s wonders-and above all-the power of human connection.

Generosity heals. Generosity moves. Generosity sets the new, and much needed, standard.

And below, I’ve recorded a walkthrough of the book, so you can connect deeper with its meaning and learn more about how we made this thing happen!

NOW, with it being launch week as I write this, there is obviously A LOT in motion. If I ever helped you in any way on your journey I ask that you please, please help me now and jump in with both feet:

1 – TODAY is Clay’s official book release date. The best way to help is to order 1+ copies on Amazon on Tuesday. This will make a great holiday gift. (Note, all proceeds are donated to charity!)

2 – The second best way to help is to leave a review. Here are instructions if you haven’t done this before.

  • We are trying to get 100 reviews in the first week (because when this happens, Amazon will feature the book to people we don’t know to generate more awareness).
  • If you order the hardcover or paperback, you’ll want to WAIT until the book is delivered to leave a review or Amazon might reject it. It helps get approval if you take a photo with the book.
  • If you additionally order the Kindle, you can leave a review right away.
  • As long as reviews are in by the end of the week we should be ok. 🙂

3 – If you have a Facebook page for family/friends updates or access to any groups, it would REALLY help to leave a post about the book.

  • Click for an image, click for a video, here is content to post (copy/paste or edit):

    • My good friend’s 7yr old son Clay wrote and is now releasing his first-ever book, “The Long Forest Trail!” Join us in making his dream come true by ordering a copy on Amazon now (all proceeds go to charity!). The goal is to help make him a #1 bestselling author which can happen if we all buy a book this week and leave a review. (Plus, this makes a good gift to other kiddos this winter.) Can you help?

4 – I am hosting a virtual Silent Auction that starts Tuesday morning & ends Thurs 9pm CT.

  • Check out items and bid here. (We are trying to raise as much money as possible to order Clay’s book in bulk and deliver them to children’s hospitals and other organizations this winter.)
  • We need “eyes” on the auction (so please help share the link above with friends, church/school/sports groups, on social media, etc.)
  • Some HOT items include:

  • 2 court-side Knicks tickets behind Celebrity Row
  • 2 round trip airline tickets and 3 nights at a Marriott anywhere in North America
  • A private training and Q&A with Hal Elrod, author of The Miracle Morning, on how he’s sold millions of books, made a fortune, and created an active global movement
  • Additional items include NFL, concert, and rodeo tickets to coaching, workshop and seminar opportunities, to signed memorabilia from the #1 UFC bantamweight fighter in the world, and so much more!

5 – For those of you who really want to make a bigger difference, you can get discounted bulk copies here. We can help facilitate delivery of books to a specific hospital, school, church, childcare facility, shelter, etc. in your name or anonymously.

6 – We are flying down to Austin, TX to facilitate a book launch experience at my Books & Business event. On Thursday at 12:15pm CT for 30min, we will be live streaming through all social networks. You’ll be able to see Clay on stage, guests will be reading his book and we’ll talk about the journey. (Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn | YouTube – pick whichever one you like – we will stream live automatically at that time, there’s nothing more to do but show up.)

7 – If you want to follow along for ALL updates about the launch, silent auction, event and more, the best place to tune is on my Instagram. Anytime you see my photo with a colorful ring around it, that means a new Story is live (and will stay up for 24 hours before it disappears).

8 – You may enjoy seeing Clay’s website:

Holy cow, the adrenaline is rushing HARD!

I just want to say that Clay and I are SO SO SO grateful for your support and can’t believe how incredible our community is. We seriously couldn’t have done this without you aaaaand I can’t wait to give hugs and love notes to my team and friends at Books & Business VERY SOON!

So please…

1. Order a book and leave a review (OR order bulk on Clay’s website).

2. Jump into this silent auction and help make Clay’s dream come true.

3. Join us live on socials for some F.U.N.

With so much gratitude,





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