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Your Message | Books & Business Episode #5

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re trying to explain what you do, but it comes out sounding awkward and jumbled?

You hit some notes, but are left kicking yourself later for missing others… And you know you didn’t sound as confident or clear as you could have been. (ooph)

I’ve seen this happen to clients SO many times.

They rock an interview, only to sound like a totally different person in their blog posts or when they’re invited on another podcast. It’s again like they’re throwing spaghetti at a wall trying to see what sticks… but all that ends up sticking for their audience is confusion. 😳

The secret sauce here is nailing down your message and delivering it consistently.

To want to move forward with you, your audience needs that steady, reliable voice to connect with. You want your message to be so on point that people can’t help but share it with others!

That’s the goal of this week’s Books & Business video – getting your message to be “sticky” and memorable so it spreads like wildfire… and then, so will your sales. 😉

In this week’s video in Books & Business series, my focus is on:

  • Getting your message and positioning crystal clear
  • Nailing down your elevator pitch and manifesto
  • Delivering your message compellingly and consistently
  • Crafting a one-sheet of teaching points that capture your message
  • Laying out a roadmap for others to join your mission
  • Creating a content plan with a year’s worth of content ideas
  • Increasing your confidence and the confidence of your audience

This is the LAST video in our first Module… Next up is a quiz to see if you retained what I spent the last 5 weeks teaching you.

After that? Giddy up, because we start the module of MARKETING and it’s gonna rock your world!

What did you think of this week’s Book & Business series video?

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