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Your Client Avatar | Books & Business Episode #4

Happy Wednesday! I just got back from a really remarkable trip to Oregon with Clay…

The short version is that I had this trip all planned out as a final mother-son vacay before school starts next week. When we arrived, the smoke was so bad, we had to throw our plans *completely* out the window, drive north 3 hours, and try to find a better location. New hotel, new sightseeing spots, everything. Next day? The smoke arrived and we bailed on our new plans and headed to the coast. Each day was a blind adventure, and in this case, it worked out perfectly! Score.

But isn’t marketing like that? Follow me on this for a sec… We blindly throw content out into the abyss, hoping it sticks?

I need you to know that approach… rarely works. My vacation was definitely the exception, not the rule. The key is to deliver consistent content to the RIGHT audience.

In order to build a loyal, long-term following and make consistent sales, you need to create an unbreakable connection with the right prospects (…and that can’t happen if you’re trying to be all the things to all the people.)

Humor me. 

Take a few minutes and let me walk you through a literal game-changing client Avatar exercise that allowed me to build a bigger audience of aligned individuals, who then chose to sign up for my services more than 60% of the time (compared to <25% previous to the exercise).

In this week’s video in Books & Business series, my focus is on:

  • Redefining the way you think of your client Avatar
  • Digging deep to create a hyper-specific Avatar for your business
  • Using your Avatar to connect with your target market
  • Attracting more qualified prospects with your messaging
  • Integrating your Avatar into your marketing to sell more easily
  • Increasing your engagement, sales conversion, and impact

What did you think of this week’s Book & Business series video?

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